In St. Petersburg broke the world record for the most massive simultaneous play drums online

In the city Day in Saint-Petersburg has set a new world record “the Most massive simultaneous percussion online”. Drum show, which began in 13.17, broadcast in group “Vkontakte” #Петербург317.

the Audience witnessed the impact of the flash mob: St. Petersburg to six drummers who were in the fortress, joined hundreds of musicians from all over the world — Belarus, Brazil, India, Spain, Cyprus, China, and Mexico. Together they performed rhythmical composition, written especially for the birthday of the Northern capital.

last year, the St. Petersburg drummers also managed to get into the “Guinness Book of records” — Nevsky prospect, a parade was held, during which 556 drummers played the most massive crescendo. And two years ago 806 drummers from across the country set a record of Russia at the mass playing on percussion instruments.

Recall, may 27 Saint Petersburg celebrates its 317-year anniversary.

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