In St. Petersburg cosgrave explained how now believe died from COVID-19

In St. Petersburg for the last days recorded 17 deaths from novel coronavirus infection. The deceased was 40 to 96 years, announced to the health Committee.

the Committee said that five deaths from COVID-19 was confirmed by the Commission on the analysis of fatal outcomes and the remaining 12 identified after analysis of medical certificates of death from the coronavirus during the day.

In Cosgrove promised to generate reports about the deaths quickly, because the Agency switched to a new technique. Officials now combine the results of the Commission and timely data on the number of medspills of death from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

“All cases of death associated with coronavirus, the health Ministry of the Russian Federation fall into two groups: cases where COVID-19 is selected as the underlying cause of death, and cases where COVID-19 choose as other causes of death, including when COVID-19 is essential in the development of the underlying disease and its deadly complications,” explained the Committee.

the office said that the autopsy carried out in all cases of death with suspected coronavirus, performed PCR diagnostics.

Recall from the beginning of the pandemic in St. Petersburg has recorded 240 deaths from COVID-19.

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