In St. Petersburg cosgrave explained how to get to CT

Come on computed tomography of the lungs in St. Petersburg either by car “emergency”, either by private transport. Details the diagnosis of the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” shared head of the Department on organization of outpatient medical care in Larisa Solovieva.

“KT is a method of differential diagnosis, which helps determine the degree of lung disease. But the main indication for hospitalization is clinical manifestations of infection, temperature above 38.5, a certain respiratory rate, degree of oxygen saturation in the blood and the patient’s age more than 65 years. Such patients hospitalitynet without prior CT scan,” explained Soloviev. However, according to her, the doctor “first aid” can make their own decision about CT, and then the patient will be brought to the center by an ambulance. Under “ambulance” in the city selected three of the center CT, and through the Bureau of hospitalization of the patient is directed to the least loaded. “If you have the coronavirus, to make CT possible, so you should go to the district, he will visit you and give a direction. The district will record the patient in the center of CT for a certain time. And then the patient’s personal transport, the masks and gloves will be able to visit the center of CT independently”, — said the employee of cosgrave.

According to Solovieva, if the lung lesion more than 25%, the patient hospitalityat in a specialized infectious hospital. If health is good, the person returns home or goes into a temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” or one of the restructured hospitals. “Through CT centers it has been more than 12 thousand citizens, 70% examination showed the presence of pneumonia, but half of patients continued treatment at home,” said the clerk.

Recall the transformation of “soon afteo; in St. Petersburg in cosgrave said on may 26.

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