In St. Petersburg cosgrave told, when it begins to dispense of laboratories of Rospotrebnadzor

Doubtful, or positive tests for coronavirus St. Petersburg laboratories are obliged to send to the test in the reference laboratory of the CPS that delaying the results to patients. When will people learn their diagnosis quicker, the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the head of the city cosgrave Dmitry Lisovets.

“there were reports that the delay with the tests we have due to the fact that there was a shortage of reagents, but it is not. Even in the peak load all of the laboratories had a stock of reagents for 3-4 days. Laboratories are moving to the upgraded test system, which allow to increase the number of studies in the city, to cover more individuals and to reduce time of their performance,” said Lisovets.

According to him, Russia has no sense to rely on other countries for the number of tests, as we have conducted much more research, and audits covered more categories of people. Over the past day in St. Petersburg was tested 19 thousand people.

“All positive and indeterminate results are sent to the CPS re-investigation, but the laboratory can avoid this procedure if consistently for two weeks will demonstrate the accuracy of the research. It would save us consumables and reagents,” said Lisovets.

So, for several weeks, the accuracy from 92% to 100% demonstrates the Petersburg Advisory diagnostic on the center for children, converted into a laboratory.

“We do the research for health-care workers of the city, pregnant women, those who are preparing for admission and contact the patients without symptoms of SARS, — said the head of the center Tatiana Ivashkina. The day — 600-700 tests is about 10% of the total urban volume. The last three weeks we have almost all the results are consistent with the verdict of the CPS, and we expect, when we recognize the reference laboratoryiey”.

Recently in the local media published reports that delays in test results on the definition of novel coronavirus infection in St. Petersburg related to the fact that in the laboratories of the city over the reagents needed for analysis.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” reported the history of a human rights activist Dinar Idrisov, whose family is from 21 may can not recognize the results of the tests.

During the pandemic in St. Petersburg revealed that 19 thousand 153 cases of coronavirus, died in 433 people, recovered 8 thousand 101 persons.

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