In St. Petersburg died the girl refused to go

“Ambulance” which was called by the 30-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, refused to come to her, citing the workload. Not waiting for help, the girl died, according to “Doktorvater”.

Her parents, who live in the Pskov region, told that the day before they called and reported problems with the kidneys, shortness of breath. According to her, she called the ambulance, but she was informed that to assist it is impossible, as in city hospitals there are no places. The girl called the ambulance again in the night from 16 to 17 April, but it never came. Two days later she stopped answering calls from parents and they decided to come. The door had to break in. In the apartment the girl found no signs of life. Examination showed that the cause of death was heart failure and nephritis.

Now the girl’s parents demand to initiate a criminal case in connection with the failure to assist a patient. They turned to the investigators. In the district administration said that in the clinic I spoke to a girl problems with shortages of crews of “ambulance” no.

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