In St. Petersburg died the head of the Department of the hospital in Kosciusko

the Staff of the St. Petersburg city hospital № 26 on Kosciuszko street reported the tragic loss. May 22, died the head of the 1st cardiology Department Litvinova Galina.

the group of hospitals in the social network “Vkontakte” staff cardiology expressed condolences to the family physician.

“it’s Hard to put into words our grief! Even though a small consolation will be the the kind words and the Bright memory of You!”, — says the message.

the Official cause of death is not known, however, write in the comments that the doctor had a long sick spell.

in addition, speak for themselves to record the hashtags: #assasiniated #cardiologist #mourn #svetlanal #Coronavirus #covid19.

Friends of Galina Litvinova remember her as a competent, thoughtful, and loving the profession of a man of great experience.

“the doctor’s Death is not only the pain of loss for colleagues and friends, this in perspective, the death of those who could help Galina. Behind every dead doctors are shadows, silhouettes of patients who will go after him. To replace professional is not easy and not fast” — write in the comments.

the record also say that Galina worked until the last day and “ask the patient to look”.

For the last day in the city on the Neva diagnosis COVID-19 was identified in 363 patients in the Leningrad region 57. In the Northern capital, confirmed the death of six people. Since the beginning of the pandemic died from the infection 113 St. Petersburg, in the 47th region, died on 8 people.

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