In St. Petersburg drunken mother regularly fed the baby sleeping, not to disturb her sleep

a Resident of Pargolovo watered 9-month-old son with sleeping pills so he didn’t disturb her sleep. As reported in a press-service of the Petersburg management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the boy hospitalized with poisoning.

the Police in connection with the incident has caused her mother. She told me that her 40-year-old daughter was repeatedly given to the son by a powerful sleeping pill that he didn’t scream and give the mother to sleep in the morning after drinking alcohol.

Arriving at a call, police found in the apartment of a drunk woman and her two children. Housing in unhygienic conditions detected a large number of insects, dirty dishes, many bottles of alcohol.

during the inspection, police found that 3-year-old daughter women are lagging behind in development, not talking, and consists on the account at the neurologist. The girl’s doctors also revealed poisoning by an unknown substance.

Now the children are in the hospital. Concerning mother criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code (failure to perform duties for the upbringing of minors).

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