In St. Petersburg due to the employee MFTS young family has lost Putin's benefit

Young parents in St. Petersburg are unable to make monthly payments to the child. They stated that the reason was the carelessness of the employee of the multipurpose center. In total, the family will not receive almost 100 thousand rubles. The history with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the father of 9-month-old daughter Gleb Stukalin.

For making monthly payments on little Elsie’s parents appealed March 26 to the MFC on the Vedeneeva ulitsa in the Kalininsky district. The family was hoping to get a daughter 11 thousand rubles per month.

“our Main aim was to apply for the allowance for child care in 11 thousand, as the must be made before the child reaches six months. The payment is charged from the moment of birth, if the application is submitted up to 6 months and only after filing if you file after six months. Because of my travel, quarantine on the job where the necessary certificates were issued quite some time, we were able to go to the MFC for only a week before the deadline. The same day we designed a number of child benefits, but the key was the Putin payments — as there was a tight time frame. We repeatedly told the employee of MFC Yulia Sitenko,” — said Gleb Stukalin.

According to him, the employee was acting very insecure, constantly consulted with colleagues and it took about three hours. According to the results of young parents were given two receipts on receipt of the documents instead of three, something they haven’t noticed. Later it turned out that Sitenko forgot to make it monthly payment of child support in 11 thousand.

“She convincingly shows us that the payments will have to wait a very long time. We spent in this stuffy room for three hours, and then we were awarded these two certificates, which can only be seen through a magnifying glass. And the result of the negligent and unprofessional actions of Yulia Sitenko we lost the opportunity to benefit from child care in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for 9 months”, — said the father.

According to Gleb stukalina, this amount would be a significant contribution to the family budget as the wife is not working, and his salary as an employee of the Kunstkammer is 25 thousand rubles — a young man is now working in the framework of the research grant.

“I went back to the MFC, hoping to understand, they blamed us, saying, “not checked receipts — are to blame” and “employees of MFC are not required to follow the documents.” The Department head tried to convince me that I did not bring a certificate of study in graduate school, that was included in the documents. Surprisingly, the help was two days later and a dozen complaints to the Director of IFC in the Petersburg Committee on social policy and in the CPS. It seems that hundreds of complaints there and the statement itself,” — said Stukalin.

Father said that he tried to find the audio recording of the conversation with the employee during the submission of documents and even appealed to the security center in which service of the server MFC. However, it appeared that recordings of conversations with clients removed after 2-5 days after treatment. Stukalin already sent a letter to the Prosecutor, and in case of failure, plans to go to court.

parents Also have submitted an application to the Department of social protection of the population of administration of the Kalinin area, and this month they will begin to pay 11 thousand. However, the fate of the money lost for 9 months, remains unknown.

we will Remind, Putin’s payments to the Russians call the monthly allowance on the first and second child born after 1 January 2018. Eligible for payment are those families whose income does not exceed two living wages for the region. Payment, the amount of which an average of 10-11 thousand rubles, you can get up to until the child turns 3 years.

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