In St. Petersburg expected flooding

due to the deterioration of the weather in St. Petersburg possible flooding. As reported in the “Vodokanal” in the city on 28 July, declared a storm warning: heavy rain and showers of varying intensity. The main front moves in on Petersburg with the Novgorod region.

Experts are prepared to eliminate the effects of the disaster. So, the city has 53 specialized crew with dewatering equipment. Running additional pumps at stations aeration, reduced the level of waste water in the sewers. There is also a “Water” are mobile pumping unit to work on the problem locations.

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg emergencies Department has warned that after 16:00 in the city is expected very heavy rains and thunderstorms. Wind gusts could reach 15-20 meters per second. Wednesday, July 29, weather will be the same.

Recall that in last year due to heavy rains in St. Petersburg, flooded streets, metro stations, basements of houses. Drivers lost license plate, car, driving along city thoroughfares went under water on polybus. In “Vodokanal” explained it “off-design” rains.