In St. Petersburg, fired the waitress refused to pay unemployment benefits

19-year-old St. Petersburg student Catherine, who was fired from the cafe, did not pay unemployment benefits. The specialists of the employment centre refused the girl, saying that she was fired with the phrase “the Termination of activity of the enterprise.”

the details of the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the father of Catherine. In the cafe she worked for about 9 months and was earning in the region of 20 thousand rubles. 6 APR it, like all other workers, got fired “Termination of activity of the enterprise”.

“All employees April 6, drove to a cafe to draw up the documents of resignation. In one room there’s a hundred people, all of the employees out on the street, no social distance, all without masks, — says the father of Catherine. — People were given payments for actually worked the shift and said goodbye to them.”

According to him, on April 14, the daughter appealed to the employment center of St. Petersburg. There it was recognized as unemployed, but for some reason after April 30th, rather than the date of actual loss of work.

“And then the most interesting: in the center for some reason decided that since she was fired under “Termination of the company”, according to the Labor code of the firm 3 months needs to pay her allowance promised by the President — 12 thousand rubles. But this is absurd — the cafe was closed, all current accounts also, what do you pay?” — said the man.

In the employment center said that you can’t put Catherine on the account earlier than three months and said if she would have written the application on dismissal at own will, then the payments she should have already from the center.

“But if you remember the President’s speech, he said that all employees dismissed during a pandemic, will receive benefits, the size of 12 thousand rubles. So what is it? After all, not all?” — asks the father of Catherine.

According to him, currently the sole breadwinner in the family is survived by his mother, who works part-time remotely. All other members of the family, including Catherine, revenues fell to zero.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin said that the dismissed and registered in the employment center from March 1 Russians put the maximum unemployment benefit 12 thousand 130 roubles a month. Such amount shall be paid from the beginning of April until the end of June regardless of the average earnings on the last job.

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