In St. Petersburg has fined a sex shop for selling personal lubricants in a pandemic

the Petrograd court of St. Petersburg has fined a sex shop for work during a pandemic. Businesswoman Catherine Celtic accused of selling personal lubricants, according to the joint press-service of the courts of the city.

the Shop is located on the Bolshaya Zelenina street, 12 in the Central district. The buyer purchased the item on April 13, when the food stores are already technically closed. Lubrication cost 999 rubles.

“the Defender submitted to the court a written position, also explained that the sale of goods 13.04.2020 not disputed, however, believes that the store had the right to work, as sales were including the commodities, a list of which the court also submitted, attached to the case materials. He asked court to appoint punishment in the form of a warning,” — said the press service.

the Arguments did not convince the judge to avoid punishment failed. The businesswoman will pay 30 thousand rubles fine.

we Add that non-point continued to work during a pandemic, provided, if carried out the sale of commodities. The restriction related to pandemic coronavirus.

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