In St. Petersburg, hundreds of workers of

Witnesses posted on social networks video of the strike of workers at “Lakhta Center” in St. Petersburg. According to the staff, to share the morning of July 17 came out a few hundred disgruntled.

information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” confirmed in the company “Renaissance construction” responsible for “Lahti”.

“the morning was really the excitement of the construction site. Now they are over. The company has no debts on payment of wages, and the demands put forward by the workers, was outside of the employment contract, concerned the extra fees. Accordingly, all the requirements should be checked for legitimacy,” — said the press service.

According to the source, now there are negotiations with representatives of the team, most workers have returned to duty. In the morning arrived at the scene, the Consul of Uzbekistan.

Recall that the public-business complex “Lakhta Center” in St. Petersburg continues to build. First tower was put into operation in 2018. The building is the headquarters of “Gazprom”.

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