In St. Petersburg invalidated three dozen ballots from the area where the attacked journalist

At the polling station where the incident occurred with the journalist David Frankel, invalidated 35 of the ballots. As writes “Interfax”, this was announced by the head of the legal Department of Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission Oleg Hook.

“Because it was admitted some deficiencies in the presentation of results of voting using the mobile ballot box, the Board considered it possible and necessary to invalidate the ballots, which were contained in a portable box. Were declared invalid 35 ballots,” he said.

On the question about the attack on Hook Frenkel said that “to understand the police and the Investigative Committee”.

“But if you talk about what originally caused the interest to this area… the stumbling block was the voting procedure in one portable box, in this box there were 35 ballots. The validity of all other ballots submitted to the precinct election Commission, there is no doubt”, — said the representative of municipal electoral Committee.

earlier, the RF IC in St. Petersburg began a review of the incident June 30 at polling station No. 2191 with the participation of the journalist of “media zones” David Frenkel. As reported by the victim, the police officer together with the observer broke his arm. In the St. Petersburg office of internal Affairs denied the information.

the Governor of the city explained the incident “unnecessary ryanostyu” and “excessive enthusiasm”.

In a network there was a petition from the leadership of the interior Ministry to prosecute the St. Petersburg police, who broke the hand of the media representative. It was supported by almost 1.5 thousand people.

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