In St. Petersburg is the main naval parade (photos)

the Main naval parade on the Navy Day in the Northern capital, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the program of the event in the waters of the Neva, which started at 11 in the morning, traditionally consists of a static ground, dynamic, and aircraft parts. To participate in the parade in St. Petersburg arrived military ships of the Northern, Pacific, Baltic and black sea fleets and the Caspian division. The parade involved the 46 ships and submarines and 41 aircraft and more than 4 thousand military.

Even an hour before thousands of citizens began to occupy the visibility of the places along the embankments. Before you get near the river, they had to pass through the frame, but the police did not check whether there is at people a mask and gloves, as was stated. To the river and allowed people without means of protection. Social distance in a University, Palace and Admiralty embankments have not been respected, people stood shoulder to shoulder in four or five rows.

the 81st parade of the Navy was received by President Vladimir Putin with Commander of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

In the ceremonial water procession used the boat of Peter the great — sailing ship of the 18th century hoisted on Board modern boats. Among ships, the audience saw the first serial frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, the frigate “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, the submarine “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”, small missile ship “Mytischi”. In the historical part of the parade showed machines of the great Patriotic war — T-34 tank and BM-13 “Katyusha” on the landing boats.

In the static display at the front of the line at anchor are ships that are hard to turn on the Neva river is a small submarine, “Serpukhov”, the Corvette “courageous”, the submarine “Saint Petersburg” and the sailing ship “Poltava”.

In the terrestrial part of the parade in front of the podium on the Admiralty embankment marched 500 soldiers of the Navy, and sky nhell Neva flew fighter jets, amphibious aircraft be-200 “Altair”, anti-aircraft, attack aircraft and bombers.

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