In St. Petersburg jury acquitted a man accused of the brutal murder of mother and stepfather

the St. Petersburg city court issued a verdict in the case of Alexander Davydov, who was accused of murdering his mother and stepfather with cruelty, reports the United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

the Jury recognized Davydova is not implicated in the crime by five votes to three. It was released from-under guards in a court hall.

Recall that Davydova was accused in February of 2019, he was struck no less than eleven of stabbing his 60-year-old mother. The woman fell and hit her face on the sofa and died. After that, as claimed by the investigation, the defendant struck four blows with a 66-year-old stepfather in the head, chest and abdomen, then continued the beating. In the end, the man died.

the Investigation claimed that the reason for the murder was the long domestic conflict. Davydova faces up to 20 years in prison. He asked court to consider case with participation of jurymen.

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