In St. Petersburg, laid off nurses, who complained of conditions at the infamous hospital in

the temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” in St. Petersburg terminates the contract of employment of nurses by Tymofiy Malakova and Alexandra Marchenko. Doctors told about the working conditions in the institution. Photos of the signed documents published by Nellie Vavilina, head MO “the Harbour”, where it is converted exhibition complex.

As follows from the notification, the formal decision to dismiss is due to “the tendency to the normalization of the epidemiological situation” in St. Petersburg. The labor contract will break on June 23.

a Temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” has repeatedly become the object of attention of the public. Since starting in may, from patients and staff has received complaints about hygiene conditions, ventilation, the shortage of staff, medicines and personal protective equipment.

the head of the municipality Nelly Vavilina detailed coverage of the situation. The management of the institution appealed to the Prosecutor with a complaint against the proliferation of fakes.

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