In St. Petersburg more than 20 infants had contracted the coronavirus during epidemics

In St. Petersburg during the epidemic contracted the coronavirus more than 20 newborns. Almost all the kids suffered the disease in a mild form, said chief freelance specialist of the city health Committee Julia Gorelik.

According to her, in a serious condition are two children — they are born to mothers with COVID-19. When the disease aggravated congenital malformations, writes TASS.

Extremely rare cases of intrauterine infection. In particular, in Children’s city clinical multidisciplinary specialized center are now treating a premature infant weighing 1200 grams.

In most cases, infants become infected through airborne droplets in contact with the mother.

By the end of may, in St. Petersburg, contracted the coronavirus approximately 200 pregnant women, one of them died. The deceased was a migrant and was not observed at doctors.

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