In St. Petersburg on Malaya Sadovaya established piano (video)

Piano white appeared on Malaya Sadovaya street in St. Petersburg. A video in which passersby in masks sing songs, users published on the pages of “Vkontakte”.

Some Petersburgers added that previously, the same piano appeared on Vasilievsky island.

In the comments, meanwhile, turned the whole discussion on the topic of how long a piano will stay on the street unharmed.

“I Wonder how long it will last before it will break?” asked about St. Petersburg.

“what about the rain?” — interested in another one.

“No roof — and there is the rain. Sorry for the tool. Forever romantic all through…” lamented a third.

Some of the users have doubt that music will be delighted to residents of nearby houses and offices.

“Employees of nearby offices, cafes particularly pleased that not a drum was secured,” commented the lady.

“Worthy of cultural capital!” a peace — loving finished a discussion with another girl.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote about the fact that the Mariinsky theatre was the first theatre in St. Petersburg, opened after the pandemic.

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