In St. Petersburg open parks and a summer cafe

In the Northern capital from June 29 open parks, gardens, zoos and outdoor cafes. Such changes in the resolution No. 121 made by the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

Monday in St. Petersburg will start to work cafe with a condition that the distance between tables will be not less than 1.5 meters.

customers will be able to beauty salons — are now allowed treatments manicure and pedicure, but by appointment only.

From June 28 to open parks and squares with the obligatory disinfection of all landscaping elements, closed attractions and points of sales of non-food products.

Open and zoos area of more than 5 hectares — Leningrad zoo meets these requirements. Besides, it is allowed now in St. Petersburg and the registration of marriages — provided that the ceremony is attended by no more than 10 people.

Petersburg is located at the first stage of the removal of restrictions. From 8 June in the city resumed the operation of stores, shops, offices, construction companies and car dealerships, and churches were allowed to hold services. At this time, the city was 23 thousand and 71 cases of coronavirus, 15 thousand 100 people recovered, 961 died.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” reported that the St. Petersburg Smolny removed hotelier from the online chat for the letter to Putin. St. Petersburg entrepreneurs from tourism, services, catering and hotel business the President complained at Smolny reluctance to talk about specific dates lifting the restrictions.

what supports are needed by the tourism industry and the restaurant business, read the material “Rosbalt” here and here.

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