In St. Petersburg, posted three of the Billboard at the County line of the Sea against the amendments to the Constitution (photo)

Activists of Vasilievsky island in St. Petersburg, a creative approach to protest against changes to the Constitution. In the area of “Sea” there were three of Billboard with a reference to the eponymous British-American film.

“Tell no amendments!” — read the signs.

Activists have called to Express disagreement with the new wording of the Constitution by any means, whether “the polling station, talking with family or friends.”

Add the following July 1 is the last day of voting on amendments to the Basic law. According to political analysts, the main purpose of the plebiscite is the nullification of presidential terms, which would enable Vladimir Putin to run for two more times, until 2036.

In cities planned protests, including in St. Petersburg. “Rosbalt” will cover the events.

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