In St. Petersburg rally in support of the sisters, Khachaturian was held with the detention

In the Northern capital held a rally in support of the sisters of the Khachaturian. According to “the North-West. MBH media”, on the bridge of Griboedov canal activists gathered.

the Girl pulled the poster says: “Freedom sisters, Khachaturian!” and lit flares.

the police detained seven people. They are accused of violating the established order of carrying out of the action.

In St. Petersburg, on the bridge of Griboedov canal rally in support of the sisters Khachaturian, the correspondent reports about it “the North-West. MBH media”. Girls stretched poster with the inscription: “Freedom sisters, Khachaturian!” and lit fireworks. Seven protesters were detained by officers.

— St. Petersburg Open (@open__spb) August 9, 2020

Recall, sisters, Mary, angelina and Cristino Khachaturyan was arrested in July 2018. According to investigators, the girls killed his father due to the fact that he beat and raped them. The defense said the incident self-defense and asks that the case was considered by the jury. The first time sisters were kept in prison. In September girls was placed under house arrest.