In St. Petersburg registered a record mortality at the end of June

In St. Petersburg, the mortality rate for June for the first time in 10 years exceeded 7 thousand people. It follows from the data of city Committee on Affairs the registry office.

Oh. Peter has published statistics of mortality. Coronavirus is cracking down, a lot of extra mortality

— max Katz (@max_katz) July 9, 2020

last month, died on 7 thousand 106 people. For comparison, in June last year in St. Petersburg and died on 4 thousand 575 people.

Petersburg has the second place among Russian regions by the number of victims of coronavirus — 1 thousand 520 people. 26 681 thousand people fell ill.

Russia has in recent days revealed 6 thousand 509 new cases of coronavirus infection, the Information center for the coronavirus. The disease is recorded in all 85 regions of the country.

For the last day died of 176 people.

since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia was more than 707 thousand cases COVID-19, died of illness 10 thousand 843.

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