In St. Petersburg registered the largest number of deaths from COVID-19 per day

Coronavirus, a new type of vieile at 347 51 of Petersburgers and inhabitants of Leningrad region in recent days, reports the information center to monitor the situation with COVID-19.

Died and 55 patients from the city on the Neva. This is the largest number of registered deaths per day in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the pandemic. One person died in the 47th region. Of disease deaths is not reported.

was Discharged from hospital 386 128 of Petersburgers and inhabitants of Leningrad region.

Add daily mortality Petersburg is second only to Moscow. In urban cosgrave figures explain the new method of work of the Commission investigating fatal cases.

Just a day COVID-19 diagnosed 8 855 thousand Russians who died 197 people.

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