In St. Petersburg resume shopping, tour operators and catering establishments

Shopping centers, catering establishments, tour operators, kindergartens resume in St. Petersburg. This follows from the decision of the city government.

“a Provision in buildings of shopping centers (complexes), shopping centres, services to citizens, providing their provision (provision) face-to-face presence of the citizen, outside of a separate room to provide these services”, — stated in the document.

the Fitting opens only when heat-treating clothes after every fitting. In the fitting should be skin antiseptics and dispenser.

In shopping and shopping centers will be able to open the pools and fitness centers, retail and services, in the presence of isolated areas and shopping malls.

Resumes the guided tours, test-ride in the showrooms, earn children’s playrooms.

In the municipal Registrar’s office will be able to simultaneously present up to 30 people. Removed the ban on work of private museums and exhibition halls, water parks.

are Allowed access to parks and forests of the city.

In St. Petersburg, just 30 thousand recorded 635 cases of coronavirus, recovered 22 968 thousand people died in 1 945 thousand. Data are presented on the website stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.

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