In St. Petersburg started the action in support of the protesters of the festival (photos, video)

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg came out to rally in support of protesting inhabitants of Khabarovsk. The action takes place near the metro station “Gostiny Dvor”. According to estimates of the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, in the subway gathered about 60-70 people, the number of participants grows.

Nearby seen around 15 police 8-9 of police cars and two paddy wagons the police and riot police. Arrests yet, but police on the loudspeaker to report that the action is not coordinated with the authorities and asked those present to disperse.

the event was organized by the movement “Grajdanin”, “Agit Russia”, “LPR Petersburg”, “Indefinite protest” and “Campaign NO.”

the Participants are encouraged to write a letter of support to the channel.

organizers Also give people a memorable picture with a dove as a gift that says “I/we” Khabarovsk, green, or blue bulb.

some residents took the opportunity to Express solidarity with the citizens of Belarus, seeking a fair and independent elections and the country. The shares can also be put signatures under the public initiative of the campaign “No!” to appeal the results of a vote to change the Constitution. After the documents adds to the lawsuit contesting the outcome of voting on amendments.

Recall that the action of solidarity with Khabarovsk held August 8 in 25 cities of Russia. Khabarovsk themselves are protesting against the detention of Sergei Fourcade fifth Saturday in a row.