In St. Petersburg, the 103-year-old patient won COVID-19

In St. Petersburg from COVID-19 cured 103-year-old woman. According to “Dr. Peter”, the patient was discharged from the City hospital of St. George.

the woman previously diagnosed with coronavirus infection complicated by bilateral polysegmental pneumonia.

“Now she feels well and is at home with loving family. We wish you good health and prosperity, Valentina Martynova and her family!” — the publication reports.

Recall, for the last day in St. Petersburg confirmed death from the coronavirus 54 patients. According to the Committee on health, among the dead 30 men aged 45 to 92 years and 24 women from 53 to 95 years. The Ministry said that the victims had chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus, cardio, atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, Oncology.

Just a day infected COVID-19 234 people, recovered — 232.

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