In St. Petersburg, the parade blocked the streets in the city centre

In St. Petersburg on Wednesday blocked a Central street as the solemn parade, devoted to the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. The city will pass military equipment and pass the military columns.

So, yesterday blocked traffic on the odd side of the Moika embankment from Nevsky Prospekt to Moshkova lane, even side of the Moika embankment from Nevsky Prospekt to 22 Millionnaya street, Singing the passage, the embankment of the Winter canal and the Palace embankment.

In a minute will be blocked passage along the Palace passage, the Admiralty Avenue from Gorokhovaya street to Nevsky prospect, the Admiralty embankment and the Nevsky prospect from Sadovaya street to Palace travel.

Traffic will be restored after the end of the parade.

we also Recall that President Vladimir Putin announced on 24 June a day off in connection with celebrations, postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.

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