In St. Petersburg the TEC members with the right to vote was not allowed to see election documents

In St. Petersburg, the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 1827 Natalia Nikolaeva refused to show members of the territorial election Commission n 9 Igor Klapkova documentation. Video of the incident was published by the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of “Fair Russia” Marina Shishkina.

On video it is visible as Igor Klopkov talking on the phone Handsfree with the Secretary of the TEC Evgenia Arhipova.

“I don’t understand why the Chairman Wick № 1827 panic — I just asked to see the documentation: a list of persons on the plot of acts, which shows the number of issued ballots, those who voted in the outdoor and indoors. But the President, with documents in hand, and pen ran to the bathroom to wash. What is this kindergarten?” — outraged Klopkov.

Russia responded by accusing him that he tries “consciously to create a difficult situation in Wick”.

“You knew obviously that you have no right to read these documents,” began the Secretary, but Klopkov interrupted her, noting that is governed by the Federal law No. 67-FZ, according to which it has such right. Arkhipova said that now they are guided by a special Order of the nationwide vote.

the situation to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Marina Shishkina.

“it Turns out this story: when journalists, members of the TEC are trying to ask for some documents, they start to ban it, citing some legal document. What kind of Bolshevik secret so I don’t understand? What kind of taboo? Until this morning we didn’t know anything about him. It is clear that the day will pass, and we don’t have time to do it,” she said.

Shishkin noted that the Moscow municipal electoral Committee on 29 June informed the chairmen of the TECS that the legal status of members of election commissions are not regulated by the Order of nationwide voting, and Federal law No. 67. Relevant clarification from the municipal electoral Committee of Petersburg still was not.

the GEEK In the St. Petersburg correspondent of “Rosbalt” was told that the actions of the members of the PEC and the TEC are governed by rules adopted by the CEC of the Russian Federation.

“There’s a lot of nuances, it all depends on at what point a member of the TEC wanted to see the documents… Need to consider each individual case,” vague replied in municipal electoral Committee and refused to clarify on what exactly the nuances involved.

Recall that 1 July is the last day of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. One of the amendments to the basic law gives Vladimir Putin the right to remain in power until 2036.

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