In St. Petersburg, the witness saw people faced with the delay of the garbage containers near the

The inhabitant of Petersburg has removed on video as a group of people fumbling in the dumpster where the local “roundabout” throws late. This entry was posted in a public “Bad news” in the “Vkontakte”. According to an eyewitness, the people were still ten minutes before he started to take out the garbage. The footage shows that the delay gather the young and middle-aged people. It is noted that of the “heroes” of the movie – the unemployed, some migrants from CIS countries. The author of the video said that the video was shot on 6 July. “Soon all of Russia will turn into a besieged Leningrad with our benefactors,” writes user Konstantin Yermolov. “I somehow feel ashamed. Iniquity,callousness and cronyism will destroy this world…,” adds another commentator, Alexander Dolgov. However, some commentators believe that people collected late, not for himself. “It is unlikely that they will eat this, it’s for all animals,” suggested a user Stepan Fedorov.

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