In St. Petersburg took place the General rehearsal of the Victory parade

Petersburg has completed training in the conduct of festive events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

dress rehearsal of the Victory parade on 24 June, took place on Palace square on Saturday, June 20.

In the celebrations will involve more than 4.5 thousand military personnel. Three calculation will March in historic military uniform of the Soviet army.

mechanized column, viewers will see more than a hundred pieces of military equipment, including the historic T-34 tanks T-72B3, infantry and anti-aircraft rocket launchers.

there also will be a traditional Airshow — in the span of aviation will take part the crews of 30 helicopters aircraft.

At the Palace square already built podium, which will accommodate spectators on June 24. The majority of citizens recommended to watch the parade on TV because of the ongoing threats to coronavirus

“Rosbalt” shares exclusive photos of the species Parade rehearsal and St. Petersburg in his gallery.

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