In St. Petersburg will start the trial of the historian-dismantler Sokolov

the St. Petersburg city court will begin consideration of the case of historian Oleg Sokolov, who is accused in the murder of PhD student, SPSU, and his bride Anastasia Yeshchenko.

As reported by United press-service of the municipal courts, the Oktyabrsky district court made a decision about the transfer process in the St. Petersburg city court “in connection with the public interest and the technical ability to organize online broadcast of the meeting.” The press service said that in the city courts until June 14, are introduced in connection with the coronavirus restrictions on the number of people present in the court room: the hall is only allowed for participants in the process.

Sokolov’s Trial was postponed several times because of the quarantine at the SIZO-1, where is the accused. At this time, as reported by the media lawyer, historian Alexander Pachev, Sokolova will bring to the courtroom and the proceedings will be initiated.

Recall, according to investigators, Oleg Sokolov in November 2019 killed student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom he had a romantic relationship. The girl’s body he dismembered and tried to drown it in the Sink, but he failed. Sokolov sent into custody, he was charged with murder and illegal possession of weapons.

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