In Tatarstan open the mosque, fitness centers and shopping centers

In Tatarstan from June 5 to remove a number of the most significant limitations of restrictions.

So, according to the decree of head of Republic, with a number of conditions for the organization will be allowed the number of shopping centers. Allowed to open shopping centers in 31 districts of Tatarstan. However, this would limit the number of buyers in the trading rooms is one person per 4 square meter, excluding employees of the shopping center, reports “Tatar-inform”.

Also with limitations, but allows you to use gyms and swimming pools, the Coach should be wearing a mask and gloves, and the room must be installed sanitizer. Sports equipment must be subject to social distance between the student. Also, you cannot exceed the maximum number of persons that are simultaneously on the object is one person per 4 square meters in the hall and one person 5 square meters of the area of water surface in the pool during group classes.

According to the resolution, and permitted to visit places of worship (mosques, churches, etc.), subject to the restrictions on the number of visitors — 4 sq metres per person, counting the clergy.

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