In Tatarstan the leadership of the school dismisses teachers Union and community leader

In Naberezhnye Chelny the school intends to dismiss the teacher, the children’s father, Chairman of the Tatarstan branch of the trade Union “Alliance of teachers,” Raushan Valiullina. As told by the teacher to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” with the authoritative decision he disagrees and intends to compete. The reason for the dismissal was the lack of teachers in the workplace June 1. The story of Raushan Valiullina, he was notified in writing of the Director of school № 24 Ilgizar Biserovo that I intend this day to take a vacation. But on 1 June he received a reply which indicated that, according to the new schedule, the day he should be at work. The teacher immediately went to school, but the lack of it in the workplace for several hours was the reason for charges of truancy. June 19, in the mail he received a letter of resignation. Valiullin stressed that a formal dismissal has not yet taken place. “By law I need to familiarise yourself with the order of dismissal. I have not seen it yet,” said trade unionists. Currently Valiullin is on sick leave. If the school administration will insist on the dismissal, he will challenge the decision in court. Valiullin sure that the cause of his dismissal became public activities in Naberezhnye Chelny: in addition to trade Union work, the struggle for higher wages, he organized protest rallies, worked in the electoral Commission, was previously nominated candidate of the Republican Parliament. “I think that the reason for dismissal was my social activity, which is contrary to how the boss sees the teacher: docile, obedient, administrative resources, without their own opinions. I don’t like this,” said Valiullin Raushan.

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