The complotistes now also have their leisure centre. Pigeon Forge, a town of Tennessee, a theme park freshly-opened to the public, is dedicated to the tabloid The National Enquirer , support for the notorious Donald Trump during his race for the presidency of the United States. For twenty-five dollars, the price of the entry ticket, an attraction, which opened last week, proposes to make the 3D experience of the pursuit race which has claimed the lives of princess Diana on 31 August 1997.

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“Not all bad” taste

using synthetic images, the spectators are driven on the route taken by the car of the princess, pursued by paparazzi, the Ritz up in the tunnel of the Alma Bridge where she was killed. Park visitors are then invited to answer questions about the developed theories around the death of “Lady Di”: “Was she pregnant at the time of the accident?” or “The royal family and the british secret services, are they involved in his death?”.

An idea of the appearance of the more dubious, as the manager of the park, Robin Turner, is already trying to defend in the face of controversy emerging. “There’s no blood,” he says, “it is not at all in bad taste. [The attraction] shows just what happened.” “The attraction draws the attention on all the theories on which the Enquirer has been investigated for years.” One thing is for sure: according to him, the memory of Diana is respected. As for the two sons of the princess, William and Harry, “very sensitive about it,” Turner hope that none of this, of the thwarts. The royal family, contacted by the Daily Beast , has refused to comment on the initiative.

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The programme of the amusement park: other “explorations” of “crimes of the century”, such as the murder of the ex-wife of O. J. Simpson. Visitors will also discover an attraction dedicated to the time, remained famous, where Michael Jackson made headlines for hanging his baby over the balcony of his hotel. As if the first wasn’t enough, due to the success of the initiative, a second park, the National Enquirer Live is already planning to open its doors in June, this time in Missouri.