In the Altai establish a regional system to exchange medical images: x-rays, CT and MRI

In Altai Krai are actively pursuing the implementation of the national project “Health”. Development of availability and quality of medical care that the goals laid down in the national project system helps remotely monitor the condition of patients, but in addition, the region operates another system, which also proved its effectiveness during a pandemic, the regional archive of medical images.

Today, computer and magnetic resonance tomographs, digital x-ray machines 40 medical institutions of the Altai territory are connected to a single archive medical images. This allows the doctor to any of the connected hospitals to show the more experienced colleague from another institution to get support or a second opinion.

for Example, if the weekend in the cities of the region are not experts on decoding the CT image, the image can be sent to the Diagnostic center of Altai Krai. The expert can quickly obtain a description of the image and make a diagnosis.

This technology is extremely necessary in the conditions of a pandemic of mers when an emergency assessment of the patient is particularly important.

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