In the Arctic a police officer discharged a Taser at a man for refusing to leave a private entrance

In Monchegorsk (Murmansk oblast) there was a case of police violence. The cynologist of the Ministry of interior in January of last year, used a Taser against a tenant, forcing him to leave his own driveway.

Now with law enforcement that the incident was fired from the authorities, the court will understand, said the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office.

police patrol arrived at the residence of the man due to the fact that his neighbor said that he knocks at her door and disturbs her rest. The guards are unable to impute monchegortsy no violation, however one of them demanded that the men go outside. Having been refused, the handler struck the tenant burns with a Taser. The victim received 10 blows to the leg and chest.

As noted by “the Media”, the person involved in uniform are not admitted guilt in the abuse of power.

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