In the Astrakhan region a herd of feral camels two years smashing village (video)

In the Astrakhan region, a herd of camels, which “free grazing” was released the owner, was to ruin the life of local residents.

As told RIA “Volga” on behalf of the residents of the villages of Glasshouses, fedorivka and Ninove in Ikraninskiy district resident Elena Bakhmetyev, for two years a herd of camels 80-year-old owner of the village Greenhouses spoils the villagers life. These animals are obstinate character sometimes temperamental and even aggressive behavior.

as a result, says Bakhmetyev, people are scared to go outside. “In the morning the children are afraid to go to school, because there graze the huge and aggressive animals,” the woman said. According to her, the camels are afraid of adults.

Serious damage, as told to Elena, the animals cause damage to gardens, orchards and green areas.

In the administration of the Ikryaninskiy district reported that camels should be addressed by the Council, but to deal with a large and unfriendly animals difficult. Moreover, according to local residents, on the loose camels run wild and become even less manageable. They are especially dangerous now, when they got offspring.

Deputy head of the Ikryaninskiy district Alexander Stepanov said that the herd, which terrorizes the inhabitants of three towns, numbering about 80 individuals. According to him, the municipality has repeatedly written to the owner of the herd fines, but he does not pay and any measures to prevent free grazing camels are taken. And the municipality has no money for catching, the organization of Parking and feed the animals.

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