In the base of the

Detainees in Belarus “action of a private company Wagner” was posted by Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”.

As reported on page in Facebook, 24 of 32 Russian citizens were in the list before the arrest, the rest were made today.

While Ukraine has not yet commented on the data of Minsk that some of the “fighters” were seen in the Donbass.

Earlier in the base of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” got arrested Belarusian blogger Sergei tikhanovski. His wife Svetlana competes with Alexander Lukashenko for the presidency.

Recall that the Chairman of the KGB of Belarus Valery Vakulchik confirmed that the detained in Minsk Russians were in the private military company “Wagner”, and 14 persons of them visited the Donbass. In this regard, the Belarusian foreign Ministry invited the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine.