Beautiful , or how a movie title became the nickname that most people, after Bébel all the same, Jean-Paul Belmondo. The history of the characters are doubles of Bob Saint-Clar-François Merlin and Tatiana-Christine embodied by the beautiful, also, Jacqueline Bisset has become, over time and multiple replays a classic of the genre, or, more simply, a film cult.

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To celebrate the anniversary of the actor, that blows the April 9, 86 candles, Jerome Wybon, author of the richly illustrated book Belmondo the beautiful (House Cocorico), says Bebel. He explains that the particular anti-hero François Merlin, novelist missed, is the true hero of this pastiche of James Bond, which opened the way for OSS 117 of Michel Hazanivicius.

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Jerome WYBON. – It is true that if one sees the film in the first degree this is only a “belmonderie” more. But it seems to me that, beyond the popular comedy, there is a sub-text on the imaginary, the dream and even on the process of creating a novel. In reality, the true hero is François Merlin, this writer missed out that its editor, is confined to the novels of stations. It is he who will succeed in seducing Christine, the intelligent student in sociology camped out by Jacqueline Bisset, who understands that this author apparently nerdy lives his fantasies in writing. In L e Beautiful Belmondo plays with subtlety an anti-hero and this is the whole interest of the film.

It would therefore be necessary to watch The Magnificent in the second degree…

of course. Moreover, the delivery of the film has been relatively difficult because it was not so easy to write a scenario where the main actors, Belmondo and Bisset, played to their image.

The shooting is it fine?

Yes, even very good, despite the injury after a stunt that handicap a few weeks Belmondo at the beginning of the shoot. Then after the mood is very slapstick, very reckless as to the manner of the 1970s, intended by Broca’s and Bébel will do the rest. It must be remembered that Belmondo will celebrate its 40th anniversary during the film and this will be a memorable one. The pictures that I publish in my book are eloquent.

Jacqueline Bisset was-it melted easily in this atmosphere of friends?

I think she was a little lost at the start. And then, she also gave proof of great intelligence. In order to please Jean-Paul, who is a big fan of boxing, it has presented him with the grand u.s. champion Ken Norton. It was very clever because by following the two stars have had a beautiful complicity. And it shows in the film. It is a bit like that with the miracle of Beautiful .

Beautiful by Philippe de Broca in 1973, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset, Vittorio Caprioli…