In the Belgian airport of Liege burned down the hangar

In the Belgian city of Liege there was a large fire at the airport, reports the local TV channel Tele Liege. According to the channel, the fire spread to the hangar supports the company Aeroservices.

a spokesman for the airport told the media that due to a fire in other airports had been redirected three flights, however, all the work of the air Harbor did not stop. The representative said that all the airport fire service were engaged in extinguishing the fire, so the pilots themselves took the decision to land in Liege or go to another airport.

it is Noted that a large passenger liner in the territory of the airport, were not affected by the fire, however, burned in a hangar could be a small aircraft.

the airport also reported that none of the staff of the air Harbor was not injured. The causes of the fire are established.

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