In the blood of Ephraim was discovered to 2.1 Pro Mille of alcohol

a Source in GU MVD of Moscow told about the results of alcohol testing staged an accident in Central Moscow, the actor Mikhail Efremov.

according to RBC, the study showed that in the time of the accident Ephraim was a strong intoxication level.

According to Baza and expertise found in the blood of the famous artist of 2.1 ppm of alcohol, which can be obtained, for example, if you drink about a bottle of vodka.

Yefremov staged accident on the evening of 8 June in the area of Smolenskaya square. Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee he drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a delivery van. The driver of the van died in hospital.

the Actor faces up to 12 years in prison under paragraph “a” of part 4 of article 264 of the criminal code.

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