In the Bryansk Gypsies with pitchforks and knives broke into the family home and beat up three people

In Bryansk Gypsies broke into the house where he lives a large family, and beat three persons.

he told local TV channel “City” the mother of four children, on Saturday, her whole family gathered to celebrate a birthday. Son-in-law of a woman with a six year old daughter decided to walk through the village. The houses of the local Gypsies, they were attacked by aggressive dogs. The man made a comment and asked to remove the dogs, but the hosts snatched on them with fists. The man with the child managed to escape, but then a group of Gypsies, armed with knives and pitchforks, stormed the yard of a large family and began to beat anyone who caught the eye.

In the end, the woman suffered multiple injuries and bruises, her 48-year-old husband broke his leg with a metal pipe, and son-in-law smashed his head. The woman is sure that they were threatened with death and survived only because they were able to close the home. The police arrived only after 40 minutes. The arrival of the guards Gypsies left in the yard of his house, there were heard shouts and curses. When the police tried to calm the brawlers, they were attacked with a scythe, and so had to go in order not to provoke a conflict.

the Woman is afraid that the attackers will not be punished.

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