In the camp of the deceived shareholders under the Ufa promised to spend the night with a guitar a member of the HRC Bashkiria

the Police decided not to disperse a tent camp of defrauded co-investors of residential complex “Park Milovskaya” under the Ufa, but law enforcement asked the participants to roll up their banners. Support for the protesters promised a member of the Council for human rights of the Republic.

As reported, on the eve of the real estate investors of an unfinished residential complex “Milovskaya Park” staged at the construction site camp. They wanted to recall that the government promised after the first heat to continue to build unfinished, however, until now no work is underway.

then, as to equity holders visited by the police. “I insisted that camp was shut down. The police referred to the fact that we supposedly illegally here. In the end, agreed that turned all posters remained in place. And the police also left staff to follow,” he told shareholders.

on Wednesday, protesters shareholders was visited by a member of the HRC Bashkiria Zulfiya gaysina. She believes that the reason was the bureaucracy — policies and plans responsible for the completion of houses every month, and often the reason for a Federal structure.

Zulfiya gaysina promised that I would take the guitar, Hiking gear and come with an overnight stay in a camp.

the developer of the complex of “Jilstrojinvest” from 2013 to 2017, received the money for the construction of more than 1.5 thousand people, of which 1.2 thousand people of their apartments saw. “Jilstrojinvest” declared bankrupt, and the management is under investigation for fraud and tax evasion.

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