In the capital center of employment told about popular professions

the Most popular among mothers with children under seven years of age, free of charge training, steel areas such as “Internet marketing”, “Management of public procurement” and “Modern technologies in education.” Not less popular, judging by the number of submitted applications, specialty web designer, website developer and SMM.

Capital employment center offers more than 500 training programs for mothers of preschoolers, who can pass professional retraining for free. Most of the programs designed for women with secondary special or higher education, but there are programs for those who have just graduated from high school.

Also at the employment center called specialties that are in demand from employers. Special demand today for nurses, social workers, cooks, confectioners, bakers and logistics. “Despite the fact that the whole world went online, the basic needs of people remain the same, so the specialists of these professions are always in demand by employers in almost every sphere”, — said the Center.

So, despite the losses suffered by the restaurant business during savisaari, the demand for shipping has grown by almost 20%. This means that services of cooks are still in demand due to additional load on the smithy.

as a result of a pandemic has increased the demand for nurses. Need help with the housework, additional care and support. The work can be found in medical and social institutions and nursing services.

There is a need of the labor market in managers, is able to organize or restore a competent logistical strategy of the company in the digital economy. High demand in this area are procurement specialists, long distance and international services. In Russia, where progress in this sphere only 15 years old, qualified professionals is not many that gives you a chance to successfully find a job and to young professionals.

the Training is in-person and remoteNoi forms at leading universities and colleges of Moscow, including HSE, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO. Depending on the chosen specialty and form of training program can last from 72 to 512 academic hours.

Upon graduation receive diplomas or certificates of learning a new profession or qualification. Information moms of preschoolers can find on the website of the center of employment “My job”.

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