In the capital dismantled the old balcony of the mansion in Kolpachny lane

the estate Venediktov of Snoubordov — Monotone continues the first stage of restoration. All work conducted under the supervision of the Department of cultural heritage, recognized as a monument of cultural heritage of regional value.

specialists engaged in the manufacture of brick masonry. In parallel, they work with plaster layer. Emergency balcony of the manor recently dismantled and sent to the Studio, where restorers will return it to its historical appearance. After that the building will repair chimneys, recreate the roofs, replace rainwater systems.

In the second stage, according to the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Alexey Emelyanov, experts will be engaged in maintaining interiors and will continue to restore the facades. The first phase of work planned to complete this year, the official said.

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