In the capital from may 27 will be valid only Moscow digital pass

From 27 may in the capital Moscow are only valid digital pass, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his personal website. “In order to simplify and create a single-band system from may 27, 2020 for the movement in Moscow will be valid only in Moscow digital pass. To issue them to residents of other regions can today,” wrote Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, for the first time since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus hope for an approaching end of the pandemic. This trend gave way to disappointment, stressed by the mayor, we need to continue to observe the necessary precautions. “We still must preserve the maximum liability for the compliance with restrictions and requirements. And I’m sure then we will be able to do the following steps to normal life”, — concluded the mayor. We will remind, the mayor of Moscow from March 29 introduced for residents of the capital mode of self-isolation. In the city no shops except grocery, selling commodities and commodities for animals, closed theaters, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, beauty salons, prohibited visits to parks and entertainment. Mode isolation as a measure of combating the spread of coronavirus, mandatory or Advisory, imposed in all regions of the Russian Federation. In most subjects it applies to citizens of all ages, some for specific groups, such as persons over 65 years of age. With April 15 in the capital works permit regime for travel by car and public transport. Citizens can apply for a work permit, valid until the end of the month, or a one-time pass for trips to the doctor or personal reasons. From April 22 observance of a throughput mode is controlled automatically, including using traffic cameras. Public transport can be used just aboutezinye or social card of the inhabitant of Moscow or the Moscow region. Their number must be provided when making a pass. Car details or passes, you must specify at least five hours before you travel. Citizen, do not have a digital pass may receive a warning or a fine ranging from one to 30 thousand rubles. The same acts which have entailed causing of harm to human health or property, or repeated offence shall entail imposing a fine in the amount from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. Violation of the regime of self-isolation with the use of the vehicle will be punished with a fine in the amount of five thousand rubles. The machine can be detained by the traffic police and forwarded to the special Parking. We will add that digital access pass is free. About the proposals to pay for the admission authorities are asked to report to law enforcement.

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