In the capital of Tuva due to

the Kyzyl suspended all city and suburban services from 23 June until further notice. As reported in the city hall, this is due to “extremely unfavorable epidemiological situation in the region.”

Citizens also recommended to refrain from visiting public places.

the head of Tuva Sholban Kara-Ool took the quarantine regime in the region, but retained the mode of “isolation” — an exception is made for voting on amendments to the Constitution.

Earlier, the head of the Republic addressed to the government of the Russian Federation for assistance in the deployment of beds for patients with COVID-19, as space in hospitals is over and patients have to be treated in the “school gym,” reports “”.

According to the latest Federal oberstab, the country recorded 3 575 cases, including 140 per day, from the beginning of the pandemic three has died.

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