In the center of Kiev explosion (video)

the Explosion occurred in the center of the Ukrainian capital. Cotton was heard in the courtyard, connecting the Shota Rustaveli street and Lev Tolstoy square, there is the office of the head of party “Oppositional platform for life” (opzz) of Viktor Medvedchuk, reports the portal

According to media reports, arrested two people. Data on casualties from the explosion.

According to journalist Andriy Pavlovsky, before the explosion “was heard nationalist slogans.” He posted a video on the social network, the movie began to spread users.

And then it blew up

Near the office of the head of the party of Viktor Medvedchuk in Kyiv, an explosion occurred in #Kiev

— Alexey Kirilenko (@Kirilenko_a) May 23, 2020

according to Ukrainian media, in front of the cotton opsi opponents held a protest rally near the office. They urged the security service to begin proceedings against leaders OPSG, accusing them of “treason”.

Add Viktor Medvedchuk called the “godfather” of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian politician himself told the media that Putin, they met at the beginning of zero years — then Medvedchuk was Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. According to him, his wife Oksana gave the idea to ask Putin to become the godfather of his daughter. The latter agreed.

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