In the championship of Russia on football almost all clear with only the first place

In the final match of the 24th round of the Russian Premier League Ekaterinburg “Ural” with “Tambov” played with the score 2:1.

he Opened the scoring in the first half with a penalty Eric Bicfalvi. Tambovtsev equalized at the 68th minute, it was done by Alexey Rybin. Bicfalvi very soon made a double. Well, in the end, he received a second yellow card and left the field. However, the guests that didn’t help, to fight back, they could not.

Before this match, both teams had in the asset at the 25 points being near the relegation zone, so this victory for the locals is clearly not superfluous.

In the championship confident leader Petersburg “Zenith”, which in the remaining six games, it is sufficient to collect only half the possible points, to beat all.

the Fight for second place is likely to be between the “Locomotive”, and 47 points (lags behind from pitertsev 9), “Krasnodar”, which is the lost is on par with the railroad, and “Rostov” — 41 points.

the last Two places occupy “Orenburg” and “wings of the Soviets”, although the lag from the saving 14th position is not too large.

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