In the Chinese city of Wuhan has cured all infected with the coronavirus

“homeland” of coronavirus — in the Chinese city of Wuhan did not have even asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

this statement was made by Cosgrove city according to the results of mass testing infected, receiving a negative result on at least two occasions.

it Noted that it was able to reduce to zero the number of people who had contact with the sick, so Observatory rapidly emptying.

“the last three patients with asymptomatic course of the disease is two consecutive test nucleic acid coronavirus showed a negative result,” — says the message of the Committee.

Since may 14, the city has identified about 300 asymptomatic carriers of the feared second wave of the epidemic, but the threat has passed.

Recall that throughout China over the past day were 46 new confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. 40 people identified the virus in an active form, another six are asymptomatic carriers.

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